The Celebrity Flora and The Galapagos

Every ship in our fleet is special in its own way, but this month Celebrity Cruises honors the incredible Celebrity Flora, as she celebrates her one-year anniversary!

The First-of-its-Kind Celebrity Flora

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Our Celebrity Flora, one of the most innovative ships in the industry, delivers one of the most extraordinary destination experiences in the industry. She represents a vision of the future that we at Celebrity Cruises believe in deeply. With her unobtrusive, eco-friendly design, her luxurious all-suite accommodations, and her truly immersive destination experience, Celebrity Flora opens up the world for our travelers. It’s obvious why changemakers and global conservationists like Flora’s own godmother, Yolanda Kakabadse, endorse the Celebrity Flora experience.

Flora is just one of many boundary-breaking ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet. If you’re interested in checking off any of our global destinations from your bucket list, request a quote today and get the possible best pricing, fleet-wide.